Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Chocolate: A Life Goal

One of my life’s goals is to eat chocolate from different Chocolatiers worldwide. I set this goal after receiving a chocolate gift box from John & Kira's
I love the company’s story, philosophy, business practices and chocolates. My first mother’s day gift was a box of chocolates from John and Kira’s. Perfect and they are located in Pennsylvania.

I began doing web searches and discovered many Chocolatiers. I gathered several catalogs and placed them on my night table. My husband referred to my stack of chocolate catalogs as my porn.

Since my new goal coincided with becoming a new mother, I do not remember the specific dates of my chocolate encounters. I do have a list of Chocolatiers and many fond memories.

L.A. Burdick Hand Made Chocolates
was a source of many happy memories. I received a one pound box of chocolates for my birthday. The box included an adorable truffle mouse. I gave their nut trio to my husband and he generously shared with me. The nuts are the best I ever tasted. They are fresh and covered with quality chocolate.

Moonstruck Chocolate delighted me with their 16 piece collection. I especially liked their fruit truffles and the pyramid shape truffle.

Last summer I ate a champagne truffle from Teuscher A store opened in Center City Philadelphia. The truffle was amazingly delicious. The store smelled and looked like heaven.

Most recently I ate Easter Eggs from Caffarel The eggs came wrapped in different spring color paper. Inside each egg was a different flavor filling. I savored each bit and ate mindfully.

One of my dreams it to attend a private tasting session in Lyon France hosted by Michel Richart Dare to dream. And since I am dreaming, I would like to attend the private tasting with my good friend Knitting Zeal, who gave me the box of chocolates from John and Kira’s, which sparked my desire to set my goal.

Eating chocolate from different Chocolatiers is a lifetime goal that brings many smiles to my face.

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