Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Visit to the Elmwood Park Zoo and Making New Friends

Last week I accepted an invitation to visit Elmwood Park Zoo from J.F., a lovely woman I met at Tilly Mint's Tea Room . She has a little boy who is 5 and my little boy is 4. Getting ready for our adventure I talked with my son about making a new friend, what to expect at the zoo and our lunch plans. Then I began think, "I am also making a new friend", followed by some nervous feelings and then an odd thought, "What will we (the mommies) talk about?"

The boys met and immediately began to talk and to play. My child was particularly impressed by his new friend's ability to share the Leap Frog game. It is now on our Christmas list for Santa.

The Elmwood Park Zoo had a beautiful butterfly exhibit. I saw my first blue and black dark frog. The boys enjoyed the playground inside the zoo. It was a hot day filled with fun and new adventures.

I was delighted to have adult conversations about blogging, vacations and chocolate. My nervous feelings were soon replaced with feelings of excitement. It is nice to make a new friend at any age.

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  1. Thanks so much for going with us we had a great time!!