Thursday, August 12, 2010

Why I started a blog

Over the years there have been many changes in my life. Some of the things that have changed and that I miss are:
1. Comfortably wearing high heeled shoes.
2. Staying up pass 9 p.m.
3. Speaking without worrying about saying a bad word. And I’m discovering there are lots of bad words.
4. Being in the bathroom alone. It seems the moment I make any kind of contact with a toilet there is a world crisis that only I can solve.
5. Having a conversation on the phone without any interruptions.
6. Eating all my dessert without sharing. No one seems to ever want to share my veggies.
7. My natural hair color.
8. Getting into the car in less than 20 minutes.
9. Reading books – grown up books.
10. Having a room without toys

However, the thing I miss the most is my ability to communicate with other adults. It seems 4 years of mother hood combined with a job where I spend most of my time with people under the age of 10 has resulted in my inability to use words with more than two syllables. It is as if I do not know how to communicate with anyone older than 10. My sentences both written and spoken are short and to the point. My writing is clinical in nature, dull and boring. My ability to spell has also been compromised.

I am starting a quest to rescue my vocabulary and creativity. Someday I dream of conversing with adults about current events, science, hobbies, or life experiences. I may even be witty.

For now, I remain in Poop and Fart Land without a GPS.

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